Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New Love and Amazing Grace

I had my first niece last Thursday! Pretty crazy stuff. Its pretty wierd being an uncle and knowing that I'm going to be a part of raising one of God's children. She is the most beautiful baby you will ever see! Her name is Emma Grace Bunch. I can hardly understand why a little baby can do absolutly nothing and yet you love them. Its so incredible, I mean they did absolutly nothing to earn your love, and yet you can't help but love them.

It really does help me to see God's love for a us in a new perspective. I have done absolutly nothing to earn God's love for me. I'm pretty pathetic when I start to think about. A lot like a baby, only I screw up more. I sin all the time! Its pretty ridiculous. I mean why would God love me? Who knows??? But He does anyways! PRAISE GOD!!! This little girl sure has taught me alot already.

I have also been very blessed to be a part of Hope Church of Christ this semester. I have been leading worship or singing on the praise team there every week this semester. It has not only been good experience for me in that area, but it has taught me alot about how a church family should be. They are so open and honest about things. They are really a "come as you are" church. And I absolutly love that about all of them. Last week a man in the church came to confess and appoligize before the church that he had been unfaithful to his wife. Afterwards we sang Amazing Grace and I watched as people lined up all the way to the back to go forgive and hug him during the song. More than half the church was in tears. It was the most one of the most powerful acts of worship I have ever been a part of. Thank God for love and grace that would save a wretch like me!


myohmy said...

Congrats! It won't be easy but you'll have to help her through the narrow path.