Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Politics of the Kingdom of God

It's called the, "Kingdom of God" for a good reason. The word Kingdom means a political realm or territory under the control of a King. Jesus knew exactly what he was doing when he called it a Kingdom. He was setting Himself up against Caesar, who was the most powerful King in all of the world. Jesus took a hard stand. He called people away from one government to another. Away from one King, in order to follow the REAL King.

Sounds like preacher language I know. Sorry about that.

So why have people who claim to have taken on citizenship in Jesus' Kingdom begun to care so much about the the politics of the country they live in? Jesus made it clear that he stood in opposition to all other Kingdoms. So why then would we expect for other Kingdoms to follow the way of Jesus.

Why would we try to get laws passed to hold others to the standards of our King?

Why do we protest each time our values are not represented by our country? Come on, you don't really think this is a "Christian Nation" do you? Lets get real. To be a Christian is to follow Jesus. Can a nation follow Jesus? Besides that, about 12% of Americans are currently a part of any local church.

We should fully expect that the values of Jesus' Kingdom would not be followed by our nation. We must learn to accept that. Move on. I don't care if its Gay marriage, or abortion, or anything else. We cannot expect our government to follow Jesus. And when we do, and we protest and shout and eat fried chicken sandwiches and post angry meme's on Facebook we remind America why they left the church long ago.

So chill out. Expect America to make decisions you don't agree with and move on. Do what Jesus did. Love the God with everything you have. And love your neighbor as yourself.