Thursday, May 10, 2012

Missional Church Part 3: A Practical Missional Ecclesiology

This is part three of the series.  Make sure you read parts one and two first, or else you may find yourself lost.

A Practical Missional Ecclesiology
If the Church has become so corrupted, where is the hope? Fortunately, we serve a God that always has a plan for redemption. His plan, of course, is the same as it always was, to lead His church. Our job then becomes to step out of the way, release the control, and allow Him to lead His Church. Here a few practical ways to do that.

1. Sell your church building. Church buildings are expensive. They take up a tremendous amount of resources that only hinder Jesus’ mission to set captives free, heal the sick and especially give good news to the poor. They stifle Kingdom growth and encourage the idea that Church is about a weekly gathering.

2. Sell your homes. Sell them, and move into a neighborhood together. If you want to reorient your lives in such a way as to be able to daily commune with one another physical proximity is key. It is this kind of sacrificial love that will blow the people of the world away and show them who Christ really is. They will desperately want to know this kind of love and to know the source of your love for each other, Christ.

3. Stop practicing with the worship band. Instead, use that time to love your neighbors. Don’t worry, you already sold the building, so you don’t have all of those people to impress anymore. Use your spare time to look after the widows in your neighborhood. Teach the kids across the street who’s dad has been in prison most of their life how to throw a baseball. Cook a meal for the single mom next door. Throw a block party in the front lawn to get to know your neighbors. I promise you, Jesus will be honored more through this than making sure the worship set is perfectly executed.

4. Listen to your neighbors. Ask them questions. Be vulnerable with them so they can be vulnerable with you. Find out what injustices are happening in your neighborhood. Find out who needs to be set free. Discover who needs healing. Then pray for the King to do what He promised He would, to bring healing, freedom and good news.

Take a step of faith. Let go of the control. Invite Jesus to lead His Church. Then watch as the Kingdom of God breaks in in ways you never imagined possible.