Tuesday, December 07, 2010

By This All People Will Know

I got tested for allergies today. Probably a good thing considering I am allergic to the following: Juniper trees, Virginia Live Oak trees, Mulberry trees, White Ash trees, Pecan trees, Mountain Cedar trees, Wheatgrass, Redtop, Bemuda, Orchard, Fesque, Ragweed, Pigweed, Lamb Quarter, Kochia, Russian Thistle, Sagebrush, Marsh Elder, Cocklebur, English Plantain, Cat, House Dust, Mites, Molds and Mildews. Just to name a few... Or actually all of them that I now know of...

Each time I go to the doctor I think a few things.

1) This sucks.
2) I'm so glad I have a job that gives me good health insurance.
3) There are a LOT of people that dont have insurance and doctors are expensive!

What would it look like if the church was our insurance policy? If church was the kind of community that pulled all of their resources to take care of each other. What would that say to the world? Jesus said, "By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Or what if we had faith enough that the Lord would heal us if we would just ask.

Still thinking... Not sure where to go from here. Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

You may know this already, but there actually are Christian groups set up as an alternative to insurance, in which members share the costs of other members' medical bills. One that came up real easily in a Google search was Medi-Share. It's not *exactly* what I think you're referring to, but it's an interesting option, and one I've considered, since I don't have insurance and am not sure what I think about health insurance for Christians in the general (relatively healthy) population.

Jordan Taylor Bunch said...

Thats really cool. I was aware of a few communities who are doing this, but didn't realize there was an online option. Sounds really interesting I'll have to check it out.