Thursday, December 06, 2007

1 year minus 4 days...

Okay, so check it out, I barely made it! I almost went a whole year without blogging! Well no more of that! haha. I was looking at my friend Margot's facebook page and saw that she put my blog on her profile, so I figured I need to do some updating! I have done some personally, but no public blogs.

Today was the final day of my "Christian Worship" class. I must say, that it was probably the best class I have ever had at ACU. And I have had some amazing ones! I didn't expect a class on worship to be so spiritually formative, but man was it! To put the class into one sentence, (which is impossible) "Worship is primarily God's work of transformation." My passion for leading worship was really revived through taking this class. Not only that but my skills in planning worship and writing meaningful liturgy were dramatically enhanced. If you are at ACU, PLEASE do yourself and your future church a HUGE favor and take Dr. Stephen Johnson for Christian Worship.

Tomorrow is the Jesus Party, maybe if I am really good I'll tell you about how that goes tomorrow. Until then, may the Peace of God transform you.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...makes me wish I could take it! I'm so happy that it was meaningful for you!
I love you! mama