Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Bold Call

Today while I was finishing up the book, "On Being a Missionary," God has convicted me. In fact, I had to leave my computer and go for a walk before coming back to write this. Hale (the author) mentions several things that are bonuses for missionaries, such as: multicultural richness, army life, abundant riches (you'll have to read the book to get that one), and adventure. As great as all of that sounds, none of that really does it for me. If that were all the good things about being a missionary, then I could do without it. What calls me to missions is the chance to leave a legacy.

I am a very competitive person. I hate being second! Believe it or not I’ve actually cried over being second, twice! (Texas Football State Championship) That’s what makes me love Christianity. It calls me to a radical life. A life that is far from mediocrity! I can’t stand the fact of having a lukewarm faith! I want to be 100% completely sold out for Christ. I don’t want anything to do with “The American Dream.” In fact, it almost makes me sick to even think about it. All I want is to leave a legacy that when people remember me, they think of Christ. May I glory in Christ alone! I want people to say, Jordan was a puppet. He did exactly what God asked him to do, without even thinking about it. When Jesus called the twelve he didn’t give them a chance to wait and weigh the costs. He bid them come, and die. They followed. I yearn for a faith that follows without a single thought. Some people call that reckless. I call it Faith!